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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."
Coretta Scott King



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January 2024

I'm Anthony Izzard, candidate for Guilford County Board of Education D- 7, I was born and raised in Southeastern Greensboro.  I'm a proud alumnus of Ben L Smith High School and  North Carolina A & T State University. My platform is “Transparency, Accountability, Equity and Education. These areas are more than my platform, they’re also my passion as a community advocate in helping to foster a better climate for childrenMy craft as a Fatherhood Practitioner for the past 23 years  and retired high school coach/residential homes counselor has allowed me to work with fathers and families who are in need of these services that help strengthen the family dynamic. Working with high risk populations within Guilford County Schools and the Greater Guilford community has allowed me to follow the academic journeys of so many and to witness the gaps in services these young people are getting that they are entitled to.  


The reallocation of school funds are done in such a way that schools lack resources to actually support the students that they are meant to serve. We have over $2 Billion in infrastructure in progress (either  design drawings, construction analysis and bids) through current projects we must make sure the community is engaged and aware of those progress. Due to a lack of oversight in the 2016-17  Smith High School construction renovation project  from  our County Government allocation to GCS, the potential of prevented waste of over $5 Million to fix  issues that arose from the lack of oversight to serve from the initial bid to completion of the project. 


GCS website reported over 11,000 students benefited from Learning Hubs across the County (September 2023) why is the district reducing the tutoring programs and moving funding  before the new semester? Who is accountable when students do not achieve academic goals/growth?

Adequate tutoring is vital to the progress of students especially Title 1 students that need all the resources available to achieve academic success. Where will those reallocated funds be moved to? 

With all the new magnet programs that are going to be available, what percentage of students in the bordering communities will have first priority of those program choices?

Policy Review is just addressing (RESPONDING TO COMPLAINTS) sited Policy Code: 1742/5060" (December 2023) Adopted November 2006 and hasn't been revised since. That speaks volumes of the lack of accountability over the years.


With the change in the education climate post Pandemic 2020 we need to ensure our students are getting every available resource in and outside the classroom. Yes, every student learns at different levels, which makes it even more important that we do everything possible to help them. As citizens, its our responsibility to hold our leaders of Guilford County to the highest standard to deliver a premium education in the least restricted environment. How can our schools achieve its education goals/growth if the resources are not available, if we are not holding people accountable and making sure they are working through a equitable lens. 

Community Service:

I am doing community service like feeding the children in the 27406 area of Warnesville, Hampton Homes and northern Randleman Rd hot meals when the pandemic shut schools down in March 2020 until they went back on campus; we provided after school snacks. I have  volunteered on various boards and commissions to name a few: Infant Mortality Advisory Board (Triad Baby Love Plus), Nurse-Family Partnership Community Advisory Board, North Carolina Medicaid Waiver (Men's Health) Advisory Board, North Carolina Fatherhood Council, Ben L Smith Athletic Booster Club, Vice President, Human Rights Commission, Greensboro Parks and Recreation Commission, Guilford County Parks and Recreation Commission, Divine Intervention Community Resources Liaison, Warnesville Southside Reunion Executive Committee. I've also served on Eckerds Wilderness Camp Advisory Board and Hope Project (Gang Initiative) Advisory Board and Guilford County Fatherhood Council and North Carolina Fatherhood Advisory Council

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